About Us

About the Chavchavadze Center

The Chavchavadze Center is the first civil society organization in Georgia modeled after European political foundations.  Founded by former senior diplomats and leading international lawyers, the Center has an ambitious, long-term vision of transforming Georgia through education, spreading critical thinking and cultivating a sense of individual responsibility. 

Named after Ilia Chavchavadze, a lasting symbol of Georgia’s national revival, the Center aims to promote active citizenship and civic engagement, within the overall framework of democracy promotion. It is also focused on creating a more transparent and accountable political system.

The Center is dedicated to promoting Western values, supporting political pluralism, protecting mainstream political agenda and fostering a more informed, rational decision-making and political discourse both by citizens as well as Georgia’s political class. Identifying Russian propaganda and hybrid warfare is among the Center’s priorities.

While working with various groups of the Georgian population, the Center’s primary focus is on the youth and Georgians who are currently less exposed to the Western values.


About Ilia Chavchavadze

Ilia Chavchavadze was one of the most revered political figures of the 19th century Georgia, and has remained a towering authority in Georgian public life ever since. A prolific writer, publisher, banker, lawyer, educator and an advocate for the rights of the oppressed, he became a symbol of Georgian national revival, based on the spirit of the Enlightenment.  Chavchavadze was a champion of the values currently known as liberal, Western values, which remain ever so relevant in modern Georgia.  Chavchavadze was assassinated in 1907 by a gang of radicals tied to the secret service of the Russian Empire.


Our Logo

The logo of the Center represents a doodle made by a person in the process of thinking.  The logo’s yellow color represents sunlight and symbolizes a bright future ushered in by reason and intelligence.


Who we are

The Chavchavadze Center was founded by new generation politicians, former high-ranking diplomats and state officials as well as leading international lawyers with distinguished achievements in their respective fields.  In various capacities, the Center’s founders have been among the leaders of the transformation process: they have fought against post-Soviet stereotypes and practices, encouraged introduction of liberal values and practices in state institutions as well as in social and cultural relations.  What unites them is primarily a long-term vision of Georgia where each citizen is willing and able to play an active role in shaping the future of his or her community and the country as a whole.  Throughout their careers, the founders of the Center have been devoted to promoting the transformation of Georgia though critical thinking and active citizenship.  Their joint goal is to turn the Chavchavadze Center into a useful, value-based educational vehicle designed to cement Georgia’s leap from the post-Soviet past to a modern, meritocratic society.  



To achieve its objectives, the Chavchavadze Center has designed and developed a number of awareness raising and capacity building projects to reach a maximum number of beneficiaries throughout Georgia.