Chavchavadze Center


The Chavchavadze Center is the first civil society organization in Georgia modeled after European political foundations.  

The Center is an independent and nonpartisan institution with an ambitious, long-term vision of transforming Georgia through education, spread of critical thinking and cultivating a sense of individual responsibility. 

Named after Ilia Chavchavadze, a lasting symbol of Georgia’s national revival, the Center aims to promote active citizenship and civic engagement, within the overall framework of democracy promotion.  It is also focused on creating a more transparent and accountable political system.

The Center is dedicated to promoting Western values, supporting political pluralism, protecting mainstream political agenda and fostering a more informed, rational decision-making and political discourse both by citizens as well as Georgia’s political class.

The main projects of the Chavchavadze Center include: Civic Memory; Project Common Sense – Civil Society vis-à-vis Politics; Youth for Justice; and Intra-Party Democracy in Georgia; Agora Discussion and Debate Club.

While working with various groups of the Georgian population, the Center’s primary focus is on the youth and those Georgians who are currently less exposed to the West.